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Quite the opposite, he needed someone to more or less answer the phone. UK . The song outlines everything Rafferty didnt like about the music industry, including touring. Determined ever after to be his own man and at all events, Rafferty set himself to writing songs for a second solo record. George Rafferty was shy, introverted, and suffered from bipolar disorder. His death was confirmed by Michael Gray, his former manager, in an obituary he wrote for the London newspaper The Guardian, and later by his agent, Paul Charles, in a report by The Associated Press. His drinking had escalated too, to the degree that it became debilitating and damaging. The singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty, whose songs such as Stuck in the Middle with You, Baker Street and Get it Right Next Time soundtracked the 1970s, has died aged 63 after a long illness.. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. His work has also been published in the Sunday Times, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Evening Standard, the Sunday Express, Classic Rock, Outdoor Fitness, When Saturday Comes and a range of international periodicals. The saxophone-fueled "Baker Street" drove sales of the album, which sold 5 million copies and made Rafferty an overnight millionaire, Gray wrote. I did my best to hold things together, but it was very difficult and he lent on me heavily, psychologically and emotionally. Native to Partick, Glasgow, Connolly already had a notably larger-than-life personality. Baker Street was one of the last songs he wrote for the record and just as his contractual dispute was being settled. The host's talk show ran from 1991 to 2018. Although he was an intense personality for many industry execs, he was one of Britains most treasured musicians. And for a concert I suppose we got 100, which was cash-in-hand., I was asked by Gerry and Billy to do an illustration for the cover of The New Humblebums, says Byrne, who would go on to provide the artwork for all the Stealers Wheel albums, and both City To City and Raffertys follow-up to that album, Night Owl. Gerry was a huge personality and a big man. A requiem mass was held for Rafferty at St Mirin's Cathedral in his native town of Paisley on 21 January 2011. . These, plus the less popular Snakes and Ladders (1980, recorded in Montserrat), are the gorgeously produced works of Gerry's prime. After bouncing about a bit, Mr. Rafferty and Mr. Egan reunited in Stealers Wheel, whose debut album included Stuck in the Middle., Stuck in the Middle, written as a parody of many of Bob Dylans songs, ridiculed a music industry cocktail party, complaining, Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.. By 1971, Rafferty sensed he might be better off as a solo artist and produced his first record, Can I Have My Money Back. At that time, Alice and me, Gerry and Carla were very fond of dining together at the Rogano, a long-established, Art Deco seafood restaurant in Glasgow. He had an image of himself being almost like an American rock star and that was okay. Gerald Rafferty (16 April 1947 - 4 January 2011) was a Scottish singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. Musican Raphael Ravenscroft, who played the song's famous saxophone melody, described Rafferty as "a fantastic writer" who "wrote some of my favourite songs of all time.". He could have been as famous as any songwriter in the world, but chose not to be. In 1971, he split from Connolly and made an accomplished solo album, Can I Have My Money Back? He was 63. Rafferty didnt bother to watch the film until nearly twenty years later. He was survived by his daughter, Martha, his granddaughter Celia, and brother Jim. They rented a house in Ireland, until taxis and doctors refused to attend him. Gerry quit. He vanished in the night. Fortunately, his soft, beautiful melodies will always remind us of his brighter days. LONDON (AP) - Gerry Rafferty's agent says the Scottish singer behind hit songs "Baker Street" and "Stuck in the Middle With You" has died. began his real career in 1971, establishing him as a singer-songwriter, bringing folk fans with him and promoting his songs. Cause if you get it wrong youll get it right next time. Gerry Rafferty released ten solo albums throughout his career. However, Rafferty never jived with the music industry. "Days Gone Down" from Night Owl. 0:04. Gerry Rafferty, a Scottish singer and songwriter who combined a gift for melody, a distinctive voice and a fatalistic worldview to produce 1970s hits like Stuck in the Middle With You and Baker Street, died Tuesday in Dorset, England. "Right Down the Line" is a song written and recorded by Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty. Gerry Rafferty. Jim Rafferty worked with John Byrne as a slab boy in a poky back room at the local Stoddards carpet factory, grinding up coloured powder for the carpet designers. Gerry was difficult to work with from the get-go.. ", iReporter: "Rock N Roll heaven has a new member", The following years saw a few more albums and a job producing the Proclaimers' 1987 hit "Letter from America.". But behind an aggressive front, and a strong awareness of his own musical excellence, was fear. Towards the end of the decade, Rafferty did come back. He was wonderfully expansive in his gestures, yet terribly shy which made him devastatingly attractive of course. From my side of things, the main problem was that basically he wanted me to say no to everything. Ms Fuschini said at the time: "We didn't have long together but we had an. Later dubbed the Baker Street phenomenon, this saxophone revival showed up in film scores and even television commercials of the time. Matching search results: Gerald Rafferty (16 April 1947 - 4 January 2011) was a Scottish singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. Baker Street charted in the UK and US in 1978 after Rafferty began his solo career and still achieves airplay on radio stations around the world. He was very sure of his own talent and equally suspicious of how it would be exploited., When Baker Street became the hit that it was, adults changed towards me, recalls Martha Rafferty. In 2008 Gerry left America, helped from wheelchair to plane by a woman he met in a video store. He knew he had several great songs but was modest in his hopes for the albums success. And he had a drinking habit. Gerry Rafferty: Bipolar alcoholic, industry misfit - and one of Britain's most treasured musicians. Writing Raffertys obituary for The Guardian, Michael Grey claimed that Mary Rafferty would regularly whisk her youngest son from the house on a Saturday night and so as to be out of harms way when Joseph got home drunk. He liked having money and status, and why shouldnt he have done? considers Barbara Dickson. According to Raffertys daughter Martha, Baker Streets success put him over the edge. Rafferty was born in 1947 in Paisley, Scotland, near Glasgow, the son of an Irish-born miner, according to Michael Gray, his manager in the late 1970s. Gavin Rossdale: 8 songs that changed my life, How David Gilmour used a pair of pigs testicles to get one over on Roger Waters, New data shows that nu metal is more popular than it's been in almost twenty years. Every Parkway Drive album ranked from worst to best, Noel Gallagher, Foo Fighters, Florence + The Machine, Sleep Token and more: here are the best songs released this week, Soulfly at 25: how Max Cavalera assembled the metal avengers to save himself from grief, depression and addiction, Time For Livin': How Check Your Head brought Beastie Boys back from the dead, 10 legendary metal anthems whose live versions have overshadowed the originals, A beginner's guide to stoner metal in five essential albums. His drinking increased with commercial success and subsequent attempts to play out. Thursday 27 April 2023, 3:29pm. He was 79. Rafferty had a piano set up in the front room, around which he and Egan would write songs. This ballad perfectly portrayed the vibes as we faced a new decadesexy, moody, soft yet bold. Paul Rees been a professional writer and journalist for more than 20 years. It was very rare for me to feel that way, but he was fantastic. Raffertys lyrics come in almost as an afterthought in terms of composition. He was not expected to make it through the night, but rallied enough to be able to spend that Christmas with Martha and his grand-daughter at their home in Stroud, Gloucestershire. His ex-wife, Carla, remained a reliable friend until the end. We would eat, talk, laugh and drink the entire night away and with instructions from the staff to pull the door closed behind us when we quit the joint and which would be as the sun was coming up next morning.. I'm a songwriter and I teach creative writing. By 1975, Stealers Wheel had broken up after recording three albums, and Mr. Rafferty spent the next three years in legal disputes over contracts. One track, Baker Street, made the Top 10 in both Britain and the United States. Hadn't thought much of Gerry in years, but boy did I wear some vinyl out that had his name on it in the late 70's and early 80's. Whatever happened to Gerry? At a dancehall in 1965, Gerry met . Carla finally left in 1990: "There was no hope. It has a rolling, smooth groove with a synthesizer and saxophone peaks. His father came from a long line of coal miners. Or why not treat yourself? Its about giving yourself a break in this crazy life. His solo hits in the late 1970s included "Baker Street", "Right Down the Line", and "Night Owl". There isn't much information available regarding the age, date, and exact place of birth of Carla. Gerry and I did a flurry of shows around the area in the summer of 1971. "Capitol called me at one point and said, 'We're going to give him 5 million'. Gerry Rafferty. "For two decades," wrote Gray, "alcohol had dominated this creative and intelligent man's life. His voice was like velvet. Published on April 27, 2023 12:46 PM. Splashed across the Sun, this story was otherwise ignored until 2009, when the Daily Mail resurrected it. When the elder shoppers put up their umbrellas, Gerry would accidentally bump into them and immediately shout and hit the ground. At eleven, he started to play. Baker Street is about Gerry's own experience with the music industry but he wrote the lyric in the third person. We want to hear it. They married in 1970, after courting at the bohemian bungalow of the artist and future playwright John "Patrick" Byrne and his wife, Alice. His abusive alcoholic father died when Gerry was only sixteen. Mr. Rafferty himself said in a rare interview in 2009 with The Sunday Express that he suffered from depression. But life in post-war Scotland was rough, and Gerry had to leave school at age 16 to help support the family. In his few big hits, Rafferty showed considerable promise as a songwriter. 1970-1990 Gerry Rafferty/Spouse. He was Editor-in-Chief of the music magazines Q and Kerrang! Carla loved him till the day he died and he loved her, but she couldnt believe what happened to him, says Barbara Dickson. Better, more representative songs would be Shipyard Town from North And South a rousing version of which Jack Bruce performed at that Glasgow concert the stately The Right Moment, or any of the other deep, soulful songs on which the big bear of a man from north of the border with the aching voice and too-wounded heart bared himself. The Jerry Springer Show, which ran for nearly three decades from 1991, brought fights, flying chairs, and . I rest my case.. My favourite song is The Ark from City to City with Jerry Donahue on guitar. Minor hits Right Down The Line and City to City followed, but by the mid-1980s he had faded into obscurity. Gerry Rafferty & Stealers Wheel: Collected: Released: 2011; Label: Universal Music; Formats: Digital download, CD "" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory. Longtime talk show host Jerry Springer died Thursday at his home in suburban Chicago after a brief illness, his family said in a statement.He was 79. Barbara Dickson was similarly bowled over by Raffertys blossoming as a songwriter. And now we have this unhappy end.". He had a studio built at his Kent farmstead and continued to make music, but otherwise spent the time away travelling in Europe and America, and also, according to Martha Rafferty, being engaged on a more personal quest. [12] [13] In 2017, Caroline reissued all three in a mini-boxed set with three BBC bonus tracks on the first album. Rafferty reflected later that the time he spent with Connolly was the most he ever enjoyed being on the road. He was persuaded to return to make 1974s Ferguslie Park album, named after a notorious Paisley estate. It would be six years before the pair of them next worked together and after which Rafferty had enjoyed and then endured his initial taste of fame. Trending April 27, 2023 10:42 AM EDT. From the Mavericks, Rafferty and Egan progressed to another beat group a quintet, the Fifth Column so as to be able to play their own songs. Skyler Caruso. This is a real shame, as he was a genuinely talented musician. He had a large degree of self-determination. It was Gerry who urged Connolly to go it alone as a comic. However, Billy Connolly, his former bandmate, will not be able to make it, as . Biography Biography Timeline 1947 Rafferty was born on 16 April 1947 into a working-class family of Irish Catholic origin in Underwood Lane in Paisley, a son and grandson of coal miners. He was survived by his daughter, Martha, his granddaughter Celia, and brother Jim. His mother worked at a weaving mill and often sang traditional Irish and Scottish folk songs to Rafferty and his two brothers. Required on one occasion to travel to America, he flew by Concorde. The town where Gerald Rafferty arrived into the world on 16 April 1947 is six miles from Glasgow, but prides itself on being apart from the city. Gerald Rafferty Born April 16, 1947 Died January 4, 2011 Country United Kingdom . The sessions were strained. He had always drunk too much, and now he spiralled into alcoholism, putting on weight, which made him unhappier. But in 1972, Raffertys longtime friend Joe Egan convinced him to start a band, Stealers Wheel. Music journalist and BBC Radio 2 presenter Paul Gambaccini said it was a cruel irony that Baker Street, about Rafferty's unhappiness with being a star, brought him more of the fame he hated. He was already past 30 when he sang "Baker Street," a weary music-biz vet. BA1 1UA. The young men would give themselves extra kudos if the ladies passed out. "He was a titan, a giant," opines Barbara Dickson, who sung with Rafferty in Glasgow's folk clubs and contributed backing vocals to City To City. He will be missed. During that time, we both made peace on many levels. He wasnt in need of a Svengali. His career high came in the 1970s and included the anthemic Baker Street and Stuck in the Middle with You, recorded with his band Stealers Wheel. The Guardian newspaper said he died at home in England with. He could not stop drinking, though. He is survived by his daughter, Martha, a brother and a granddaughter. Gerry Raffertys estate was worth 1.7 when he died on January 4, 2011. Physique Before Fame His earliest band was a folk act known as The Humblebums. Rafferty had recorded and toured with Billy Connolly as part of the Humblebums, before forming Stealers Wheel with his friend Joe Egan in 1972. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, I dont believe he had any particular expectations that he would have such enormous successes commercially, says Michael Grey, head of press at United Artists when City To City was released and who Rafferty brought in as his manager. His last successful foray was when, after contributing a vocal to the soundtrack of the film Local Hero (1983), he produced the Proclaimers' 1987 hit Letter from America. Someone would pick up a guitar and start singing and other people would join in. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. But their A&M record contract tied them to huge touring and album commitments, and imposed musicians upon them. . Gerry was born on 16 April 1947 in Scotland. Where did Gerry Rafferty come from? A Beatles nut, he fixated on strong melodies and the ten featured songs had that much in abundance. 2023 Rolling Stone, LLC. Stealers Wheel fell apart in 1975, and that's when Rafferty embarked on the solo career that would make him famous. Gerry Rafferty was a tormented artist, a loving father, a funny prankster, and an inspiration. A talented and open-minded musician who supported other talents - he will be missed. Rafferty was not a people person. Home Whatever Happened to Gerry Rafferty? He was always well off and drove nice cars, and coming from a very humble upbringing he felt that was an achievement Im sure., Sometimes he would want to sit in the bar at the airport, miss his flight and just get on another a couple of hours later, furthers Michael Grey. They would take to the busy shop streets on rainy days, looking for old ladies to prank. Gerry Rafferty died of liver disease on January 4, 2011. 3: Get It Right Next Time (from 'Night Owl', 1979) By the time Gerry Rafferty's head-bopping 1979 single Get It Right Next Time hit No.30 in the UK, he was already something of a household name. How Many Hit Songs Did Gerry Rafferty Have? John Byrne gave the eulogy before four-hundred mourners and among them the then-First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond. Punk was rampaging out of Londons pubs and clubs and Raffertys intricately detailed songs flew in the face of the prevailing winds, but he didnt for a second doubt their worth. He had a laugh like a machine gun and a fantastically infectious smile. He went with Martha to live in California for several years, for a spell joining a group devoted to the teachings of Russian-born philosopher and spiritualist George Gurdjieff. He quit the band in protest of the touring their label demanded, later rejoining after pleadings from his pal Egan. He was disillusioned with the commercial aspect of making music to sell product. "He became dangerous at airports," said Carla, "and he'd scream across restaurant tables at me." Both songs are played frequently on New Zealand radio stations. He became more of a recluse, struggling deeply with depression after the death of his brother in 1995. "Organ failure" in the young 60's? After the hit had proved a one-off, their management company filed for bankruptcy, leaving the bands royalties unpaid and Rafferty and Egan in a state of contractual limbo, each restricted from writing or performing. Gerry Rafferty died on 4 January 2011 of liver failure. Finally, in 1978, he was free to record again and signed with United Artists. The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure. At the end of the 1970s he did his best work, a series of richly resonant albums that gave no hint of their creator's inner troubles. Of Raffertys golden period, there were a couple more fine records 1980s Snakes And Ladders and Sleepwalking in 1982 and then six years of silence. 10 September, 2021 01:00 Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty, who died in 2011, had Irish folk music in his musical DNA GERRY Rafferty was born in Paisley, near Glasgow, to an Irish. Of all the many songs that Gerry Rafferty wrote, the one that made him famous was drawn from a thoroughly humdrum experience. According to Jene Galvin and TMZ, Jerry Springer died from his brief illness of pancreatic cancer. Gerry Rafferty covered Silent Night, Adeste fidelis, Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway, Lonesome Polecat and other songs. Other albums followed, some of which garnered good reviews but none of which approached Mr. Raffertys earlier success. Outside of Scotland and same as it ever was its the sound of that resigned vocal and eruptive saxophone that still now most readily brings Gerry Rafferty to mind. Rafferty died of liver. Rafferty would go on to record ten studio albums in total. Gerry Rafferty, the Scottish singer-songwriter best known for "Baker Street" and "Stuck in the Middle With You," died on January 4, 2011, at the age of 63. Women Changing the Music Industry Today: 'I Deserve the Spotlight', Shirley Eikhard, Songwriter of Grammy-Winning 'Something to Talk About,' Dead at 67, BTS Members: Everything to Know About the K-Pop Supergroup, Willie Nelson's 8 Children: Everything to Know. Explore in 3D: The dazzling crown that makes a king. He bought a rambling farmhouse and three-hundred acres of land in rural Kent and a grand Queen Anne house in Londons upmarket Hampstead. Gerry Rafferty. His misuse of alcohol led to increasingly erratic behaviour, and 2010 saw him hospitalised due to the failure of several internal organs. They got as far as landing a deal with Columbia Records and in 1966 cut a Rafferty-Egan original, Benjamin Day. Gerry made two more albums that decade Sleepwalking (1982) and North and South (1988). Listening to his own songs would always seem to comfort Rafferty, soothe whatever might be hounding him. It was a two-voices-and-guitar kind of thing. Back to the bosom of a group he went, forming Stealers Wheel with an old running mate from Paisley, Joe Egan. Soon enough, though, things turned sour for Stealers Wheel. Hearing his perfect pitch and lush, folksy vocals, youd never think he was struggling. These were the years I worked for him. I dont think he felt as if he was shutting himself off from anything of great value. Gerry Rafferty died on January 4, 2011 at the age of 63. Joseph Rafferty died when Gerry was just sixteen, but if he bequeathed anything to his last-born son it was an affinity for songs in the Irish and Scottish folk tradition. When did Gerry Rafferty's brother Joe Rafferty die? He was 63. They toured the country, their act a simple, but effective one, with Connolly telling jokes in between Raffertys songs. The musician behind one of the most recognisable saxophone solos - on Gerry Rafferty's hit Baker Street - has died. Meet the Talented Emerging Artists You Won't Want to Miss This Spring, Who Is Patrick Stewart's Wife? Musically and lyrically. NO How old is Gerry Rafferty? His songs were romantic yet sardonic, helped by his gift of perfect pitch. Connelly described Rafferty as a spirited jokester. Rafferty was born in Paisley, near Glasgow, an unwanted third son. When he would say, Oh, lets not go to the gate for this one, let have another drink, it never occurred to me that he was on the road to becoming an alcoholic. He contributed a vocal to the soundtrack of the 1983 film Local Hero, and produced the Proclaimers 1987 hit Letter From America.. Rafferty had battled a drink problem and spent time in hospital in Bournemouth with liver failure. There were other punishing blows to his psyche. When he died on January 4, 2011, aged sixty-three, his work had made him a millionaire, but the considerable due he merited as a songwriter of rare craft and intuitive skill had largely eluded him. The Stealers Wheel singer-songwriter was 63. There were so many indescribable experiences. That was a tremendously fertile period, explains Noakes. The pair were stunned when their single Stuck In The Middle With You swiftly rose to the top of the charts in 1973, scoring international success. By definition, if they were in the business they were a bunch of shits and he thought they were going to feck him over. Carla Ventilla gained much of her popularity from being the wife of Gerry Rafferty. Refusing to tour America, he played a few British dates and recorded his successful follow-up, Night Owl (1979), which yielded further hits: Days Gone Down, Get It Right Next Time and the title track. When my mum left, Dad was dependent on me to function. The sound of Baker Street would become as emblematic of the era as any of Queens excursions into mock-opera, the Eagles sun-blushed harmonies, the Bee Gees stratospheric disco or Johnny Rotten sneering God save the Queen. 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