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This product has either been removed or is no longer available for sale. We reserve the right to correct pricing errors. His are SC1's and they are very small. Whether its our Sportsmans Condo, which keeps even the harshest of elements from ruining your well-laid hunting plans, or our EZ-Bracket which takes all the guesswork out of building your own elevated blind, our products are conceived out of common sense and crafted to exacting specifications. Guide Gear 2-Man Universal Tower Hunting Blind $169.99 / $152.99 Member 3.4 (58) Maverick Nex-Level Floor Base with Lift Kit $449.99 / $404.99 Member 3 (1) Maverick Nex-Level Ladder System $299.99 / $269.99 Member Be the first to write a review! Give the new EZ-Platform by Southern Outdoor Technologies a try. You save: $104.00 All can be used either as ground blinds or with the addition of an All-In-One Base Stand, elevated safely up to 10 ft. for the ultimate hunting experience. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. This lightweight, aluminum stand features technologies to keep you comfortable. Imported. You can find durable hunting blinds in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your hunting needs. $1,795.00, MSRP: $1,799.00 Whether you're a seasoned hunter or just starting out, the Sportsman's Condo SC1 Hunting Blind is the perfect choice for a successful hunting experience. . home : Welcome to Sportsman's Condo: . Receive Member Only newsletters with Special Pricing and information on new products! $1,745.00, MSRP: $1,899.00 Of course, safety is No. With ample room, you can stretch out and have plenty of space to make the shot. If you have any questions about Sportsman's Condo deer blinds gear, give us a call at 855-223-2965. Weighing 11 pounds, this aluminum model is easy to tote. HDPE is widely used in military equipment for its robust strength and durability, regardless of the temperatures and conditions. Hunting Blinds, Feeders, Boats & More Open and Shipping all Products! I love the locking door and the ability to hunt warm and dry. I'm leaning towards Rednecks, but not digging their premium. Please note, the manufacturer and Farm And Land assume no responsibility for any items left in a Sportsmans Condo, even if locked. 4. One end has the legs close together, which acts as a ladder. You save: $54.00 This thing is impressive. Once in place, this model has 360-degree viewing, which allows for excellent visibility. This model has a 300-pound weight capacity. This stand also features an extra-wide, flip-up, TearTuff mesh seat for those taking standing shots. Simply insert pressure-treated 4" x 4" posts into the metal base system . West Point, MS 39773, Windows open silently, seal tight and contain scent. Condo Hunting Blinds can be elevated with the All-In-One-Base. Additionally, the quiet seal door on the SC2 Blind is lockable. With the barrel of your firearm pointed out of the window, the solid wallS on SC Hunting Blinds actually act as sound protection from the blast. Additionally, metal poles can be cost prohibitive, when shipping fees are taken into consideration, and the wood posts are a more economical, equally sufficient, if not better, option. The SC1 Hunting Blind is fully sealed, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable, even during the worst weather. With a Sportsman's Condo, neither rain, nor snow, nor slicing arctic winds can keep you from maximizing your time in the field. The combination of quietness, comfort and adjustability gives you the freedom to enjoy long hours afield. Suggested keywords menu . For the hunter who is serious about spending more time in the field and increasing his chances of spotting that trophy, the Sportsmans Condo is simply a must have.. Available with insulated walls for extra warmth during late-seasons hunts. Wt: 305 lbs. $89.00, MSRP: $119.00 Its just our way of honoring the men who came before us and gave us our love of hunting! We are the #1 volume dealer online for Sportsman's Condo! It is recommended for liability reasons, to use 10-legs Max on your All-In-One-Base which will put you at a 14' eye level. . All rights reserved. Contact Chris Hiatt to purchase: 816.914.5972. Enter the SC5 Hero. 2014 Southern Outdoor Technologies. Have a hog problem on your land? Please select a store manually. x 7 in. Get yours today and take your hunting to the next level! For as long as there have been hunters there has been For example, shipments to locations in the South and Southeast are usually lower than those going to the Northeast, Northwest and the West Coast. The whole process takes just 30 minutes. The Sportsman's Condo Hunting blinds which accommodate two persons and three persons feature a lockable door, however, all of the SC Hunting Blinds (including the one person blind), can; be locked with a pad lock. $39.00. Check out our Facebook group. MSRP: $109.00 You save: $20.00 Our Price: $89.00. Five 22"L x 10"W plexiglass windows deliver a full view of your surroundings, so you won't miss a moment of the action. Five windows provide a full view of surroundings; Durable, 3/16 HD polyethylene construction. Simply place the wood in the corresponding bracket holes, secure, and BAMyou've got a blind that's secure, accurately measured, and cut your build-time by a factor. Take a look at the lineup below. MSRP: $109.00 You save: $20.00 Our Price: $89.00. Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. You save: $54.00 72"L x 75"W x75"H. With a Sportsman's Condo, neither rain, nor snow, nor slicing arctic winds can keep you from maximizing your time in the field.This one-piece modern hunting fortress has no seams to leak, rattle, rust, or rot. Easily replace the roof and/or walls of your Blade 'N' Bullet Blind with these shell replacements. Welcome to Sportsman's Condo: Store Home: Condos: Hog Slammer: Contact Us: Back to Main Website: 0 item(s) / Total: $0 : Category: Sportsmans Condos: Condo Accessories: Hog Slammer: Bass Hunter Boats & Accessories: Products: Mailing List: Subscribe to our Newsletter . inpGDlastFacetTreeURL: This is by far the best and most option-filled condo weve ever If you have any questions about Sportsman's Condo deer blinds gear, give us a call at 855-223-2965. Overall, the SC2 Blind gives you 2 extra feet in width and 2" of extra height over the, Blind (for one person). Windows and Accessories only: $1449. It can also be used as a ground blind or you can build your own platform to set it in. Door entry measures 47.5"H x 32"W. Includes all hardware. With 360-degree rotation, you can quickly and quietly make the shot in any direction. inside height makes it easy to stretch and move around, Solid blind roto-molded technology: the roof, floor and sides are all formed together into a single unit, Our Sportsman's Condo SC1 makes a stronger, quieter and more durable blind, Made from durable all-weather polyethylene with UV protection built-in for years of maintenance free use, All-In-One base included: just add 4x4 posts. This 6'x6' blind comes standard with carpet on the floor and walls, 4 archery windows, and 9 standard windows. Read enclosed instructions before assembling, All-In-One base comes attached to the blind, All you have to do is put it in the woods and hunt, Manufacturer will replace any defects in material or workmanship. What you need to know about the sportsmans condo blind and how to make it almost like a redneck SC3 Jack Armstrong 4.4K subscribers Subscribe 6.7K views 1 year ago I do some simple mods to. This item has been replaced by the Original Hog Slammer Trap Gate - Click Here to View Fast friendly service and speedy delivery with an excellent price. Incredibly durable 3/16 HD polyethylene construction not only keeps you protected from the elements but also stands up to years of hard use. The other end has a wider stance for stability. offered. This model is strong, durable, and can support up to 350 pounds, all while weighing 34 pounds itself. MSRP: $1,499.00 Looking for an incredibly lightweight stand? The chair also features adjustable armrests that can easily be moved out of the way while bowhunting, making for a smoother draw. P.O. Available in powder-coated finish or uncoated. Our Price: Because were just as serious about your successas you are! With its innovative design, superior comfort, and unbeatable performance, you may never leave the blind! Condo Floor Mats (Pick Ridgeline, SC1, SC2 . For the purpose of ordering online, we have a flat rate shipping charge of $399.95 added to this Hunting Blind which should be considered an "estimate". A rigid, heavy-duty, steel-plate base fosters easy, secure mounting. Standard features include full-sized, lockable door and large windows for maximum visibility and gun movement. The compact design and lightweight construction make it easy to transport, while the spacious interior provides ample room for one hunter and their gear. Sale Price: A quick video of myself raising a Sportsmans Condo. This one-piece modern hunting fortress has no seams to leak, rattle, rust or rot. This means the floor, sides, and roof are 100%molded together which translates to a stronger, quieter blind. Sportsman's Condo Shelf. Our Price: $60.00. For the hunter who is serious about spending more time in the field and increasing his chances of taking a trophy, Sportsmans Condo is simply a must have.. 1, and all joints are locked into place before welding to reduce stress on each weld. For a shipping quote, please call us at 855-223-2965 or email us at Ridgeline Condo -The new Ridgeline uses solid blind technology which has made the Sportsman's Condo the industry leader. Sportsman's Condo Small Mat for the Ridgeline, SC1, SC2 and Pro Hunter blinds. 2014 Southern Outdoor Technologies. MSRP: $299.99 | to those that followed. | Great Day 75"L x 72"W x 75"H. Designed with the modern sportsman in mind, it offers superior comfort and concealment for an unbeatable hunting experience. $89.00, MSRP: $65.00 Door Window (9x15 and fits all Sportsman's Condos) They are very simple but well designed. $1,595.00, MSRP: $1,849.00 You save: $10.00 Add To Cart. Location sharing is disabled on your device. The SC1 hunting blind features Sportsman's Condos famous solid blind technology. Get yours now. You'll be able to face the windows for optimal shot angles. Sale Price: All rights reserved Site Design:Quest Group. The Moultrie Pro-Hunter Quick-Lock Deer Feeder mounts to the bottom of any barrel or hopper using Moultries exclusive Great Day Hangit Tall Portable Game Feeder & Game Hanger, PFH250 MSRP: $799.99 | Search no more. The blinds need to support gun and bow hunting and will be raised on 8' 4x4s. The Dagger HW includes ten 22"W x 10" plexiglass windows. Depending on the delivery location, we may use different carriers which have a better track record for your area. The Bale Condo-The Bale Condo Features Solid Blind Technology 79 L x 72 W x 64 H Weight 365 pounds Six Windows-Five are 12 x 17 Total . You save: $230.00 On the inside, it sports black windows and full black interior for ultimate concealment. Price - $1549* (US) UV-protected, 3/16"-thick HD polyethylene construction maximizes in-the-field longevity. Hope it will be useful for you. A spacious interior measuring 75"L x 72"W x 75"H fits you and another hunter plus gear. Please provide your zip code and model number you are inquiring about and we will get back to you within 15 minutes. Sportsmans Condo has come up with the new, limited Pro Hunting Blinds, Feeders, Boats & More Sportsman's Condo SC1 4' x 4' Deer Stand: Black, Loaded, Upgrade to Tree Branch: (taupe/light brown) +$89.00, Don't let inclement weather ruin your hunting trip again. Sale Price: UV-protected, 3/16"-thick HD polyethylene construction maximizes in-the-field longevity. You save: $230.00 It has four oversized 34-inch by 10-inch horizontal silent windows with shooting rails, and four8-inch by 24.5-inch vertical corner windows. It can be found in hardware and home improvement stores. The height of the SC1 allows the hunter to stand-up and stretch their legsfor added comfort duringthose all-day hunts. SC Hunting Blinds are mostly pest and rodent proof, however, there could be some small openings around the door. Plus, for those who prefer to be elevated, the metal base accepts 44 posts. Our Price: Open and Shipping all Products! Door entry measures 47.5"H x 32"W. Includes all hardware. The High Wind Stakes: for all Elevated Sportsman's Condo. The Dagger Dual includes three panels with one 22"W x 10"H horizontal plexiglass window in each panel and two panels with two 10"W x 22"H vertical plexiglass windows in each panel. Sportsman's Condo Large Mat for the SC3, SC4, SC5, Bale, Bow and Crossbow blinds. I have two of the Sportman's condos and my Dad has a couple as well. Acrylic Window only $12* Acrylic Window with Latch $14* Acrylic Window with Latch and Hinge $19*, *Plus Shipping and Sales Tax if applicable, Acrylic Window only $12* Acrylic Window with Latch $14* Acrylic Window with Latch and Hinge $19*, Acrylic Window only $11* Acrylic Window with Latch $15* Acrylic Window with Latch and Hinge $19*, Complete Window $75*, Acrylic Window only $30* Acrylic Window with Latch $34* Acrylic Window with Latch and Hinge $40*, Complete Window $75* (Specify Model when ordering), Complete Window $55* (Specify which direction window opens from inside), Acrylic Window only $11* Acrylic Window with Latch $13* Acrylic Window with Latch and Hinge $17*, Southern Outdoor Technologies Sale Price: Sportsman's Condos are delivered to your home fully loaded and ready to hunt, but we have found that most hunters love to put their custom touches on these blinds. However, please note, while most shipments come in around the flat rate, many factors affect the final, actual shipping cost. inpGDlastFacetResultURL: Receive Member Only newsletters with Special Pricing and information on new products! Four 48"H x 12"W vertical windows and three 26"H x 30"W horizontal windows are ideal for bow and gun hunters. Sale Price: The Sportsman's Condo SC1 Hunting Blind is the perfect hideout for any hunting expedition. This is . $995.00, MSRP: $999.00 It also allows the hunter to move the stand easier if so desired. $1,845.00, MSRP: $35.00 Sportsman's Condos . They do NOT cover acts of God. Live Chat. Picked up and a new farm and am looking for some new box blinds. Door window: 14L x 8W. You save: $20.00 One built-in shelf keeps gear organized. Usually two healthy men can stand the unit upright. You save: $5.00 Top Rated Brands! Sale Price: $149.00. The large windows allow for optimal shooting angles, while the sturdy construction provides a stable platform for your firearms. The product is certainly weatherproof and all hinges and locks work very well. Product details. Booner 5-Panel Dagger VW Hunting Blinds Sportsman's Condo SC-1 Blind . You save: $10.00 Make sure to choose a color that will match the terrain you'll be hunting in, so that you will not be visible to your prey. 2014 Southern Outdoor Technologies. MSRP: $229.00 You save: $80.00. You save: $54.00 two people. $1,445.00, MSRP: $1,699.00 Shipments to farms and residences cost more than shipments to commercial locations. Sale Price: The base bolts were loose and had to be tightened but overall very happy with the condo.. Unlike other hard blinds, Maverick Booner blinds allow you to configure the panels to have either vertical or horizontal windows to best match your needs. DISCONTINUED Posts: 8,481. If you aren't worried about the cold, hunting blinds with mesh screens or window that can be shot through and allow for more air inside the blind. The SC2 Hunting Blind by Southern Outdoor Technologies is a solid, one piece Deer Hunting Blind ideal for two people or one person with a lot of gear. The SC1 hunting blind is a one-person blind measuring 48 inches wide by 48 inches deep and is 74 incheshigh. You do not need to worry about cross-bracing the front (under the door), as the ladder rungs will sufficiently brace this area. Life Member NRA, RMEF, American Legion, MAGA. Our Price: Four large windows provide a clear line of sight; Easily replace the roof and/or walls of you Blade N Bullet Blind; Extra-heavy-duty waterproof polyester tarpaulin roof; Water- and UV-resistant DuraHide uninsulated or insulated walls. $60.00, MSRP: $39.00 It also has a lot of space and I had no issue with two people inside with room for gear. Online pricing may vary from in-store pricing. Why? Sportsman's Condo SC5 Hero Blind . You'll notice, the windows and door of these hunting blinds are completely silent due to the Quiet Seal Technology. The SC2 Solid Hunting Blind features 3 built-in shelves for storing supplies and 6 quiet seal windows. Give the Maverick 5-Shooter GX Blind a try. 10 zipper), ultra-sized webbed base loops for larger stakes or t-posts, and a small drop-down peek window in the back (for viewing or shooting). Create a solid platform for your blind with the Maverick Blinds Nex-Level Platform Mounts. Then, the 32.5-inch by 25-inch oversized platform and flip-out footrest provide plenty of room for leg stretching, or even added space to stand and shoot. The Sportsmans Condo SC2 is made of rust-free, maintenance-free polyethylene material where all sides have been molded together helping to eliminate noise and keep out the elements. Sale Price: Its perfect for mobile hunting, especially when paired with Helium climbing sticks. If your SC Hunting Blind is damaged during shipping, refuse the shipment and DO NOT sign for it. If you'll be changing locations frequently, a climing stand or hang-on stand will work well for you. Sale Price: Hunter model. You save: $100.00 The multi-person Marksman 66 Octagon hunting blind is one of Shadow Hunters largest. Overall, its net weight is 323 pounds, has a total height of 15 feet 8 inches, and a weight capacity of 500 pounds. Its rugged, one-piece construction helps it to withstand the elements and last over time. Southern Outdoor Technologies, makers of the Sportsman's Condo, "The Pioneer In Solid Blind Technology," is proud to announce the newest addition to their product line, "The Hog Slammer." "We are very excited to introduce the Hog Slammer (, said Sonny Jameson, Product Manager. It comes with a removable platform pad, and includes a stabilizing anchoring kit. Lockable door. Add To Cart. Sale Price: The Side-By-Side Hunting Platform | For creating a customizable Hunting Blind | Sportsman Condo | 48"L x 72"W All Sportsmans Condo blinds come fully assembled. It offers improved functionality that will make setup and takedown better than ever before. With the Lockdown Wide One-Man Treestand from Rivers Edge, you no longer have to trade security for height. Made in USA. Its 6-feet around, and 6 feet tall, so theres plenty of space to move around in. E-mail: to order Tree Branch color option. My father, Gary, is my own personal inspiration for the Pro Hunter. Spacious interior teams with six large windows so you can easily maneuver into position for the perfect shot during the moment of truth. Its even equipped with a weapons holder, two storage shelves, a 32-inch door opening with interior/exterior locking handle, and an interior peak height of 77 inches. With a Sportsmans Condo, neither rain, nor snow, nor slicing arctic winds can keep you from maximizing your time in the field. You save: $20.00 The door was slightly damaged during shipping but still I accepted the condo. For comfort, it has a new one-piece, wrap-around arm pad that fully covers the front rail and armrests. Also included is an ultra-dark interior thats coupled with ozone loft pockets, keeping you undetected. Finally, weighing in at 330 pounds, its heavy enough to be well-made, but not so heavy that it cant be moved. Its dimensions are 82 inches by 82 inches. Hi! MSRP: $109.00 You save: $20.00 Our Price: $89.00. Great stand , I love it , it was worth the money. Box 1135 580 E. Churchill Rd., West Point, MS 39773 It weighs 150 pounds, or 210 pounds if used with the optional base. Plus, its strong enough to withstand the elements. Tree stands can be an excellent way of gaining a better vantage point while concealing yourself from prey, especially during deer hunting season. The windows on SC Hunting Blinds are designed to fold down and out of the way. It comes with a carry bag, rope and stakes. 360 Outfitter Hunting Blind. Sale Price: Need a new spot for your backside to reside? And hunters will also appreciate the quick-attach straps for fast, easy installation in the tree. If you're planning to set up once and then use the same spot through the entire season, a ladder stand might be your best option. You can also invest in layout blinds and boats that can keep you hidden on the water for duck and other waterfowl hunting. The windows in the SC1 are great! Want to enjoy a comfortable hunt? Also available in Tree Branch (taupe/light brown) for an additional $99 charge. This stand is also loaded with extra features, such as the Pressure-Relieving Memory Foam Seat. So, with that in mind, I've filled the new Pro-Hunter with everything that I thought he would want to ensure both comfort and success when hunting. 76H x 72W x 48D. It offers all horizontal shooting windows with a 360-degree view, making this a turnkey blind for gun and crossbow hunters alike. A spacious interior fits you and another hunter plus gear. Our Price: Hunting Blinds, Feeders, Boats & More Open and Shipping all Products! Then, ratchet the straps tight up top, firmly securing the stand to the tree from the ground. Wt: 230 lbs. Unlike other hard blinds, Maverick Booner blinds allow you to configure the panels to have either vertical or horizontal windows to best match your needs. Our Price: We are gearheads and we love hearing from our customers! You save: $20.00 CAMO WINDOW KIT AVAILABLE! The SC1 featuresthree 7 x 27 Rifle Windowsand one 14 x 8 door Windows. Wt: 140 lbs. $2,750.00. If the unit is damaged (which rarely happens), CONTACT US immediately and we will work with the freight company directly to take care of the issue. . Its out of the respect for these Constructed with advanced building materials and engineered for superior sight, sound and scent-containment, these blinds are durable and effective. *Price includes base for 4x4 posts, window kit, door window kit & accessories kit Sales Tax collected only in Nebraska. The team at Sportsman's Condo has built a great brand and a incredible product line. Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide One-Man Treestand, Treestand Maintenance Tips That Could Save Your Life, Hells Canyon Speed is Lightweight & Long Distance, TenPoint Teams Up with Project Savior to Fight PTSD. The windows are made of an all-weather acrylic, and are held closed with a spring-loaded latch. Three built-in shelves keep gear organized. This revolutionary hunting-blind building system simply requires your pre-cut post (4x4), beam (2x6) and siding (plywood) lumber and the time to secure it in place. The Sportsman's Bow Condo Our . Certainly, being in a solid one-piece hunting blind offers more safety than other blinds, but when using these hunting blinds, you do so at your own risk. Crossbow Condo features:-6-foot diameter-6-foot, 5-inches tall (inside height) . The SC-1 is our original condo that set the benchmark for one-piece blinds with features such as a built-in shelf for easy storage, one-piece construction for years of maintenance free enjoyment, a quiet seal door designed to minimize ambient noise, and optional window kits to completely protect you from the harshest of elements. The Pro Hunter Condo comes with: Floor mat, Condo Chair, 2 coat hooks, thermometer, and gun pad. Another feature is the FasTrack system, which allows users to add Summit bow hooks and other accessories to the top frame. EXPLORE OTHER MEDIA 360 PROPERTIES FOR OUTDOORS ENTHUSIASTS, 2. Adding to a long line of legacy, Summit introduces the Dual Axis Hang-On treestand for hunters. Cross-bracing your Hunting Blind: The Sportsmans Condo Hunting Blind should be cross-braced. Window: 22L x 10W (each). Southern Outdoor Technologies (mfr) and Sportsman's Condo Hunting Blinds make NO CLAIM to be bear proof. Sale Price: It is strongly recommended to secure your SC Hunting Blind to the ground for your safety and to protect your investment. Cross-brace the front right leg to the back right leg, then cross-brace the front left left to the back left leg. Finally, the Dual Axis is 16 pounds, holds up to 300 pounds, and will fit on trees from 8 to 20 inches in diameter. inside height makes it easy to stretch and move around Solid blind roto-molded technology: the roof, floor and sides are all formed together into a single unit Makes a stronger, quieter and more durable blind Made from durable all-weather polyethylene with UV protection built-in for years of maintenance free use Your specific shipping cost may be higher or lower than the flat $399.95 charge. Looking to the platform, it too is fully adjustable, and with a 16-inch by 10-inch sizing, offers plenty of foot room. Our selection of Sportsman's Condo hunting supplies includes a variety of essential gear that no hunter should be without. Wt:135 lbs. Basically, you will set the unit on its back, insert the legs, stand-up and cross-brace. The Sportsman's Deer Blind Shelf and Shooting Rest. MSRP: $229.00 You save: $80.00. West Point, MS 39773, The Pro Hunter Our Most Option-filled Sportsman's Condo! 1. You save: $10.00 As a serious hunter, you dont make any apologies for demanding the best from your equipment. Muddy Infinity Three-Person Ground Blind, 6. IC B2 Re: Hard sided permanent hunting blind . The Q200 Buck Hut Shooting House by Millennium is constructed of a heavy-duty, water-resistant soft shell. Sportsman's Condo Solid One Piece Hunting Blinds are best used with 44 treated wood posts versus metal legs, because using 44 wood posts allow you too vary the height of the SC Blind to accommodate your individual hunting situation. There are no seams, panels, or parts. Southern Outdoor Technologies The SC1 hunting blind is made from the best available HDPE material. EZ Bracket: $169.00: more details: 3. Don't let inclement weather ruin your hunting trip again. Be sure to select the best game blind that works for your hunting method: some models are specifically intended for bow hunting or certain types of game. Sportsman's Condo Large Mat for the SC3, SC4, SC5, Bale, Bow and Crossbow blinds. The SC-1 Blind from Sportsman's Condo delivers plenty of elbow room. The perfect one person hunting blind! Once put together, the blind has a 5-foot diameter and is 6-feet, 3-inches tall. Our Price: Our elevated hunting blinds have numerous windows and openings to aid you in lining up your shot without compromise. SC Hunting Blinds are a charcoal black color which blends in nicely with the grey and black shadows seen during hunting season. Sale Price: Check out Shadow Hunter blinds. MSRP: $279.98| MSRP: $2,249.99 | Its roomy, with a 7-foot interior height and 7-foot by 4-inch width, and is designed to add either one or two 360 Revolution seats.

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